After divorce, you can feel as though there’s no love in your life. I know I’ve felt that way. I can recall meandering through the labyrinth of alleys that is Venice, and passing a street musician playing “My Heart Will Go On”. Mere weeks after I filed for divorce, there I was heartbroken and all alone in this most romantic city. 

Hearing the bittersweet song, which was made even more so as it was played on a violin, caused the tears that I tried so hard to keep at bay while in public to flow. As I walked further, and the music gradually faded into the distance, I felt an assurance from the Lord that my heart would indeed go on. And it has. 

God loves each of us with an everlasting love. Jeremiah 31:3

The first few years after my marriage imploded, I prayed for God to “rescue me from Valentine’s Day”; to take away the ache for attention and affection and adoration that everyone but me seemed to be getting.  But actually, there was an abundance of love all around me, and I’m sure if you look you’ll see that it’s all around you, too. Maybe not éros (romantic), but there’s philia (friendship and familial), for many of us, there’s storgē (parental love for children), and for all of us, there is most certainly AGÁPE (God kind of love), because God is LOVE (1 John 4:8). God loves you with an everlasting love, and in His infinite love, God chose you.

Your marriage may have ended, but you were chosen. God loves you with an everlasting love, and in His infinite love, chose you.



It was hard for me to believe that I was chosen. I was cheated on, so I definitely didn’t feel chosen. I felt like I had been cheated and was being punished. I felt like I’d given my ex-husband everything, including the best years of my life, I sacrificed my identity. Everything that I was was tied to him. I was his wife and the mother of his children. Who I was or what I did outside of that was irrelevant. 

After losing myself in that marriage, it was hard not to feel cheated. To not feel that half of my life was wasted. 

How could I not feel cheated? How could I feel chosen when my marriage ended because my mate committed adultery, choosing someone else. 

But the more God opened my eyes to the dark & deceitful double life my ex-husband was leading, and the more I began to understand the mental and emotional abuse I’d been subjected to, the more I understood that I had indeed been chosen.

Chosen for rescue. Chosen for redemption. Chosen for restoration.

I chose you. John 15:16

Your marriage may have ended, but you were chosen. Chosen for another chance, for a new life. 

So, whether or not you get red roses or chocolates, remember that there is still love in your life. You are loved.

I chose you. This is my command. Love each other. John 15:16


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You are chosen. You are His.