• S P R I N G  Spring symbolizes a
    4 days ago by divinelydivorceddiva S P R I N G // Spring symbolizes a rebirth. A renewal. I remember a couple of years ago, feeling less than happy about spring. My divorce had only been final a few months, and I was feeling wistful about my past life, prompted by my ex-husband traveling with
  • C H O S E N  I was cheated
    2 weeks ago by divinelydivorceddiva C H O S E N // I was cheated on, and definitely didn’t feel chosen. I felt like I was cheated and was being punished. I felt like I’d given my ex-husband everything, including the best years of my life. I sacrificed my career to follow him and advance
  • M A R C H  Its more than the
    3 weeks ago by divinelydivorceddiva M A R C H // It’s more than the name of the month, it’s a verb - an action word meaning to walk or proceed quickly and with determination. .. So, in keeping with this definition, let’s focus on pressing on, moving ahead, marching toward manifestations and miracles, and
  • D I R E C T I O N
    1 week ago by divinelydivorceddiva D I R E C T I O N // On this date 4 years ago, a couple of months after discovering my wasband's cheating (what I now know was just the latest of several instances throughout our marriage), we went to a Beyoncé concert. I believed that he had
  • P O N D E R  Riddle me this
    1 week ago by divinelydivorceddiva P O N D E R // Riddle me this... please check my story to take the poll, and give the reason for your answer in the comments. . Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding. Proverbs 3:13 . . . . .  #divinelydivorceddiva   #divadeclarations   #divorce   #divorcedwomen 

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